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What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing, also known as “Short Messaging Service Marketing”, is a new type of marketing that allows businesses to send text messages to potential customers to promote their products and services. It works in the same manner as regular text messages, but it is a bulk-send. SMS marketing is faster than traditional marketing methods and can even be more effective than online marketing, in some cases. You don’t need to create images to accompany your content, unlike social media and email marketing. You only need a small text size and a limited number of characters. You don’t need to type much. It is therefore much simpler than other marketing tools.

Text messages (SMS), reach your target recipients quicker than Instagram posts and emails. Even if they’re on the road, your targeted customers will receive instant SMS alerts. Your customers will also find it easier to read your message via SMS than lengthy email messages or social media posts. This means that your message will be more engaging than any other marketing medium. As text messages are open at high rates, so is their conversion rate. While the average SMS conversion rate is 45%, email click-through rates are typically below 3-7%, and social media has a lower rate, it is still very high. A link in an SMS is more popular than an email.

Our company SEO Blackpool has extensive experience running SMS campaigns in the UK. We are able to do both branded as well as non-branded SMS campaigns. We have access to large numbers of UK mobile phone numbers that can be categorized based on geographic, demographic, and interest criteria.

Some Important Questions about SMS Marketing in the UK

  • What Is SMS Marketing?
  • Why SMS Marketing Is Important?
  • How Effective Is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is the method of marketing that lets your company's message is sent to your clients via messages sent to their mobiles about various promotions, ads news, updates, etc like email marketing. SMS marketing is a channel in itself. It implies that you can have the ability to control who will be receiving the text, the information you send out and the time you wish to deliver it. Through SMS marketing your experience, the experience you provide for your customers through this marketing journey is entirely yours from beginning to end.

Alongside SMS in addition, you can make the MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) messages to your clients. The message lets you transmit images, or GIFs (and any other images that are animated) through text. SMS is an extremely efficient and simple method to communicate with your customers. There are a lot of factors to think about when you are launching your SMS marketing plan. The most crucial of these is to obtain permission from those whom you want to contact to send them an SMS. Text messaging is a rapid opening speed but it will not aid you in sending messages to people you don't want.

SMS marketing is a crucial element in digital marketing. It lets you get your message to a wide range of people at a single date. Text messaging in SMS marketing is a quick marketing tool that lets you deliver messages to correct target audience at the appropriate moment. Customers carry their phones with them which makes it simple to share your message. In the field of marketing, texting provides you the opportunity to communicate with your customers' loyal ones on the phones they use throughout the day all day. If you don't think that's enough you can think about including MMS marketing into your marketing strategy.

The past was when promoting small-scale businesses took time and effort, in addition to complex and confusing marketing strategies. Even though it sounds frightening, since one line of text can be a huge influence it's worth giving it a shot. Marketing campaigns using SMS are a crucial option to aid your business expand as we are living in a world which is shifting towards a more digitally-oriented. In the current climate, as more companies are seeking to draw in new customers and customers, SMS is becoming an integral element the multi-channel approach to marketing. If digital marketing firms do not concentrate upon SMS-based marketing their customers will more often drop contact with their customers, and also increase the ROI.

Print and TV are still costly and advertisements on mobile devices and emails have a difficult time blocking ads as well as spam filtering. Online SMS is among the most efficient marketing platforms because of its large conversion rate and the ability to advertise other channels. Is SMS marketing so effective? Studies show how SMS open rates can reach 98 percent, which is greater than any other method of marketing. In addition, the majority of consumers prefer to receive messages in preference to other methods of communications.

SMS Marketing UK

The Features of our SMS Marketing 

How Effective an SMS Campaign Can Be?

75% of the prospective consumers like to receive promotional SMSs.
The use of SMS marketing has grown by 197% just in two years.
23 billion text messages are sent each day worldwide.

Marketing via SMS is 100% less expensive than traditional marketing, but yet 100% more efficient. In the short-term it’s even more efficient as compared to social media marketing as well as other types of paid online marketing. The reason for this is straightforward: It provides more coverage, and it provides immediate responses, which are simple to manage, and with a an extremely high rate of engagement, and therefore a an extremely high conversion rates.

SMS Marketing
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How to Get SMS Marketing Services in the UK?

Designing and executing an SMS marketing campaign could be difficult because it requires many technical considerations to think about.

With our assistance it can be just as easy as 1,2,3. We have an entire group of SMS marketing specialists who are adept at planning, the launch, organizing and improving the effectiveness of your SMS Campaign efficiently. The only thing you need to do is create an outline of the services or products you wish to advertise and get in touch with us using any of the methods listed below. We will contact you with a preliminary plan. You’ll study the plan and then either approve or seek clarification. Once we have received the approval of the finalized plan from you, we begin developing your plan. The time frame for SMS planning and coordinating will depend on the size of the campaign. It could be anywhere between one and two weeks.

SMS Marketing Packages in the UK



From 10,000 to 20,000 SMS

  • Minimum 10K SMS
  • Maximum 20K SMS
  • Audience Selection
  • Reporting



From 50,000 SMS and above

  • Minimum 20K SMS
  • Maximum 50K SMS
  • Audience Selection
  • Reporting

*Terms Apply.   

**The actual prices may change depending upon the type of campaign: branded and non branded etc. 

All of Our SMS Marketing Packages Include:

Message Creation

A well-crafted message is the only way to make sure the success of a marketing campaign via SMS. This is why we pay particular focus on it.

Audience Selection

For the case of an SMS promotional campaign it is only the right target audience will ensure the success of your campaign. Our experts will select the ideal target audience for your campaign.

Periodic Reporting

We provide periodic reports on SMS campaign results to our clients to inform them of any changes.

Technical Support

We also provide assistance to our customers on their SMS campaigns such as ways to increase their engagement and their conversion rates, etc.

The Industries we have worked for:

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1What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing refers to the marketing technique that your brand uses to communicate with your customers through mobile messages about various promotions, announcements, news, updates, etc. Just like email marketing, SMS is a channel in itself. That means you control who receives the SMS, what content you share, and when you want to send. With SMS marketing, the experience you create for your customers throughout this marketing journey is yours from start to finish.


What are the Types of SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing comes with multiple types. This could be anything from a text telling your customers about an upcoming sale or a message about what's new when you open your store. Some of the most effective forms of SMS marketing are:

  • Business promotion
  • SMS voucher code
  • Answer to win the match
  • Flash game
  • Loyalty program
  • Alerts
  • Knowledge
3Is SMS a Form of Digital Marketing?

SMS or short message service marketing is a form of digital marketing strategy that you can implement for your business. As a digital marketing strategy, using SMS to send marketing SMS is a great way to expand your marketing communication system.

Regardless of whether you use SMS or email marketing campaigns, your marketing message will be delivered and your customers will receive instant notifications on their devices. The ability to send instant notifications and promotional messages will be one of your most useful marketing channels once you start implementing it in your marketing campaign.

4Why is SMS Marketing Important?

SMS marketing is an important aspect of digital marketing. This allows you to reach a large number of people at the same time. In SMS marketing, SMS messages are an instant marketing tool that helps you get your message to the right audience at the right time. Customers keep their phones, making it easy to get your message across. In marketing, text messaging lets you connect with your loyal customers.

If you're not adding SMS marketing to your multichannel marketing campaigns, you're missing out. With over 16 million people in the UK using SMS marketing services, there is much to gain from strong SMS marketing campaign strategies. Many industries have taken advantage of the SMS marketing service.

5How Effective Is SMS Marketing?

Traditional marketing platforms like print and TV are still expensive, and email ads struggle to block ads and spam filters. Online SMS is one of the most effective marketing platforms due to its high conversion rate and ability to promote other channels. Is SMS marketing really effective? Statistics show that SMS open rates reach 98%, which is higher than any other marketing channel. Most customers also prefer receiving messages to other forms of communication.

6How SMS Can Be Used in Marketing?

 SMS can be an effective marketing strategy that helps you reach customers and prospects in real time with effective, targeted messages. In SMS marketing, SMS messages are sent as promotional campaigns or transactional messages for marketing purposes via SMS messages. The primary purpose of these messages is to provide urgent offers, updates and notifications to those who have opted in to receive these messages from your company. The days of traditional marketing are over. Instead, experts can now access multiple touch points across multiple channels. And customers expect companies to use them all to deliver the best experience.

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